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Womb Greeting

Please enjoy this FREE Womb Greeting Meditation to support you on your journey to communicating with your WombSpace.

This Meditation is around 6 minutes long, and you can repeat it as and when you want to connect with your womb :-)


How to create a life you love!

From the inside out!

9th January 10am GMT!

- Learn tools to support you create a life that feels good

- Gain insight into ways we self sabotage

- Start 2023 feeling FREE!

If you can't make the time sign up and you will be sent a replay straight to your inbox!

Do you want to discover more about your menstrual cycle?

Do you want join a collective of like minded women?

Do you want to be supported by an amazing team?

If you do, you are not alone! Now is the time to reclaim your feminine rites! 

Join the New World Women Collective for ONLY £18.99 a month and receive your own


- Coaching Sessions

- Weekly Yoga Classes

- Creative Therapy 

- Monthly Card Readings 

- Period Coaching 

- Group Shares

- Online Women's Circles 

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The Team Supporting Your Journey

Olivia Hickman

Olivia is a Period Coach, Aura Mediator and YA REgistered Yoga Teacher. With over 13 years in the holistic field Olivia has done the work!

After having health scare, Olivia decided to go more into women's wellness and explore exactly what was going on in her body, what she found out, dumbfounded her! How did she not know this? Why didn't ALL women know this? She decided to make it her mission, to share this wisdom with ALL women!


The New World Women TEAM has been hand picked by Olivia to bring you the BEST tools & practices to support your life!



Creative & Energising

Yoga Teacher



Passionate & Strong

Yoga Teacher & Coach



Compassionate & Wise

Yoga Teacher & Human Design Specialist



Intuitive & Insightful

Card Reader & Coach



Gentle & Caring

Creative Therapist BACP

How to harness the power of your PERIOD

What you will get?


A Lack of support can really get in the way to making positive changes. Finding a like-minded, positive & supportive community can make the difference between staying stuck and living a life in joy!

Join a collective of incredible women who completely have your back! 


When you know, you know!

It's that time old saying! 

It's not your fault, you don't know what makes you happy! In today's society we aren't given a cheat sheet to get to know ourselves. Neither are we taught how to heal and move forward. Often we can stay stuck. Gain clarity in what makes you happy and create a life that feels good on the inside out!


In New World Women you have access to a wealth of wisdom and LIVE CLASSES to cover EVERYTHING you could ever need to create a life from the inside out!

Discovering POWERFUL WISDOM that can actually help improve your life has never been easier! The Community APP means that you can feel supported even on the go!


Learn Life-Long tools that support your GROWTH!

From a comprehensive website to weekly classes gain access to POWERFUL wisdom that can create positive shifts and allow you to flourish & grow!

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