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About New World Women

Every Women has the rite to live a life she LOVES!

New World Women is about creating an affordable platform for ALL women to access sacred wisdom that will positively impact their lives! 


New World Women supports women on all levels.

The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We believe this is what creates a balanced being and empowers women to unleash their joy!

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New World Women Values




Yoga Classes

Hormonal Health Education

Women's Circles

When we think about paying for all of the above... we are talking £1000's!!!! Like A LOT!!!! 

All of these tools are so valuable when we want to grow and evolve... but it can add up! New World Women is making it affordable for ALL! You don't have to choose one... You can have access to EVERYTHING!


Imagine knowing there is somewhere you can go where you are met with compassion and understanding. You are seen, heard & valued! You are SUPPORTED!You are having a bad day... you can just hop online and you are met by a beautiful community of women from the comfort of your home! Magic happens when women gather!


We honour you and where you are at. You don't have to be anything other than who you are. Everyone is unique and there is not one route fits all to finding your joy! NWW is here to hand you tools and gently support you to uncover what it is that makes you feel good. But there may be days you don't feel great, and that is OK!


You don't have to travel all over your county and search the internet for wisdom.

We've got it all here for you! AND we are teaching the POWERFUL stuff! That will have an incredible impact on your life!

During a meditation, Olivia (the founder) was told to teach 'the powerful'. New World Women was created to teach POWERFUL practices to support ALL women feel empowered to live their truth. Have you ever been to a space where you didn't feel welcomed or judged because you weren't 'spiritual' enough or whatever 'enough' it may be? Well screw that! You deserve to receive this incredible wisdom just as much as anyone else! You are in a safe space with no judgement or pre-conceptions. If you are here and ready for it, we have the tools to share!


We've made a multi-layered, high quality, supportive platform simple & affordable!

New World Women is probably one of a kind! A unique online collective where you can receive such a variety of tools to support your life for ONLY £18.99! MIND BLOWING!


New World Women Memberships



One Membership for all! Access all areas with our Goddess membership. For women who are looking to create a deeper connection with themselves. Learn more about your cycle, health and develop keys tools to live a happier and healthier life!

There a three options with your Goddess membership, you can pay monthly, yearly or if you are wanting to give back, you can choose the Goddess GIVE BACK membership where you create a FREE membership for another woman who needs it.

For female yoga teachers looking to integrate women's wellness into their classes. Learn powerful tools whilst gaining a CPD in New Earth Women's Wellness. CPD is accredited by Yoga Alliance and goes towards CPD Hours.


What YourOnline Community
Can Do For You!

Log on to the website for in depth info, browse the app for a quick fix. Link with like-minded women & be apart of a community where you are seen, heard and valued! 

Breakdown of
Hormone Health

Wellbeing & Wellness Tools for LIFE!

Access to In House

Coaching Calls

Online Classes

Community APP

Weekly Live
Yoga Classes

Learn in your own time at your own pace!

A Supportive

Our Mission

New World Women is on a mission to share powerful wisdom with any woman who would like to access it. It is time to support each other to be our most POWERFUL selves. 

New World Women is dedicated to the evolution of women. Sharing tools to support women reclaim sacred wisdom & integrate new time philosophies. To create lives from the inside out.

So every woman can live a life that actually feels good!

Meet The Team


Deeper Philosophies Behind The Teaching


New World Women teaches New Earth Women's Wellness

New Earth Women's Wellness has been created to

combine 3 threads of WISDOM 

Women's Lineage Fundamentals 

This thread honours the sacred lineages of feminine energy. How women need the sacred within their worlds to truly feel well, the importance of community to feel seen and heard and the deep connection we feel with Mother Earth.

Women's Health & Wellbeing 

This thread focuses on the body, the anatomy and how we can support ourselves to bring the body into balance. If we do not feel well in our bodies, how can we be living our best lives?

New Time Philosophies

This thread is a nod to the future, where are we going to? How can we support a better and brighter future? What does that mean energetically for us and for our lives, work and relationships?


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