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New World Women

Reclaim the MAGIC of

Cyclical Living!

Harness the POWER of Cyclical Living to create a life you LOVE!

RECLAIM your cyclical wisdom, CONNECT to your body and be inspired by a team of women's wellness experts as you DEEPEN your journey with the Divine Feminine!


'Everyone needs to be a part of this special community!'

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New World Women Provides:





For Women To


Are you ready to reclaim your innate wisdom? 

The wisdom of Mother Earth?

Reconnect to your feminine POWER?

Join New World Women and become a part of a supportive and nurturing collective.

It is time we reclaim Cyclical Living, for years living within a patriarchal system has taken its toll on our  hormones & wellbeing. We naturally need to eb and flow. Our hormones ARE DIFFERENT to mens. This isn't a gender thing this is a biological thing. It is time we become body literate, so we can make empowered choices about our health & wellness. For too long there has been too few options for women, putting our bodies in harms way to fit into society...

Maybe you've already witnesses this within yourself? 

- Feeling the need to push on when you know it doesn't feel right 

- Fatigue, headaches, achy joints, period pains

- Feeling bad for putting in boundaries

Did you know when you live Cyclically you harness the power of the feminine & masculine to live a life that positively impacts your life...relationships, work, energy, connection

there is more...

When you live Cyclically you also open yourself up to finding.... your deeper PURPOSE... for years I didn't know what I was meant to share or contribute to the world. I am a Manifestor (Human Design) so I had a deeper yearning to share a message. It wasn't until I started to work with my wombspace that my purpose unfolded. There is so much POWER in your Period. 

let's go a bit wooman... as it is our natural ability 😂

The New Time Energy has been integrating on earth and more people are feeling the pull to understand how to create a life that actually feels good, rather than living societies 'shoulds'. More and more people are feeling called to this work... because we are being asked to step into our POWER and our JOY!

Look around, has your life been created based on what others expect of you? Society? Friends? Family?


STOP RIGHT NOW! You don't actually need all that stuff to be happy!

Start creating your life from the inside out and you will create a life that feels so good...

Every person is like a unique blueprint, and only by gaining the tools to get to know yourself can you create a life that will actually feel good to you! New World Women is a multi-layered approach and connects you with cyclical living to develop a deeper understanding of yourself on the physical, emotional & spiritual levels. Whether you have a physical womb or not, cyclical practices can support you in exploring yourself and gain clarity on what is RIGHT for YOU!

How can you FEEL GOOD when your hormones are all over the place?

How can you FEEL GOOD when you don't know how you FEEL??

How can you FEEL GOOD when you don't understand your deepest DESIRES?

 By re-claiming and re-connecting to yourself and honouring your natural and innate rhythms you can harness the POWER of cyclical living and create a life that feels good from the inside out! 



Magic happens when women gather


A Lack of support can really get in the way to making positive changes. Finding a like-minded, positive & supportive community can make the difference between staying stuck and living a life in joy!

Join a collective of incredible women who completely have your back! 


Work with amazing practitioners who want to empower YOU! Feeling alone, confused and unseen are common feelings when not knowing which choices to make or path to take. 

Don't feel the need to meet our expectations... just be you!

Trying to meet the expectations of others can feel debilitating. 

  🔸 Depletes our inner resources

🔸 Creates resentment in relationships

🔸 Takes us away from what feels good

The team AND the amazing women in the collective are here to be here for you just as you are, good days, bad days an all! Having a community gives you an unlimited resource to SUPPORT you on your journey to creating a life that is right for YOU... No one else!

'The area we are the greatest is the area in which we inspire, encourage and connect with another human being.' Maya Angelou